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About Us

GoodeJump is a black owned family business that started because of our passion for motor vehicles. In the US alone it is estimated that 91% of persons have access to at least one motor vehicle. We understand the importance and value that goes into owning a vehicle and as such the care that goes into maintenance and enhancing the vehicles features. Additionally, though there are many upsides to owning a vehicle we know all too well the disadvantages that could occur such as a flat tire, or the battery dying unexpectedly. It is vital that you are prepared for any motor vehicle emergency. It is with this in mind that we combined our passion for vehicles to provide a solution to each and every family that may have encountered this problem or to prepare in the event that it should occur.
GoodeJump provides premium quality car accessories that are essential for any motor vehicle owner. Our products are of the highest quality and we are proud of what we do. Our mission is to provide top tier support whilst being a trusted supplier that you can depend on. We consider each customer as part of our GoodeJump FAMILY.