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Portable Car Jump Starter


Looking for a powerful, portable car jump starter? Look no further than the Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank! This amazing device is perfect for jump starting your car's engine, even if it's been sitting for a while. Just attach the clamps to your car's battery and let the Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank do its job.

The Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank is also great for charging your devices on the go. It has two USB ports, so you can charge your phone or tablet while you're on the road. And with a whopping 22000mAh of power, this jump starter will give you plenty of juice to get your car going again.

So don't be caught without a jump starter again.


Product Specifications:Battery Capacity :22000 mAhPeak Current :1200AStarting Current :600ACar Jump Start Output :12VUSB Output 5V/2AGas Engine Rating :Up to 6.0LOperating Temperature :-20℃-60℃Diesel and steam double start strong power6.0L gasoline car: Support 12V/6.0 displacement and below.